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what happens in the north. sex in sweden #2

There were few reasons that motivated me to prepare this text. First of all, I wanted to write it for a long time now – something more engaged and timeous. Secondly, on July 1st samtyckeslag (the consent law) came into force, which may or may not change something in sexual relation of Swedes, but for sure sustained discussion opened thanks to #metoo campaign. Lastly, on September 9th Swedish elections took place, so the hostesses of the podcast Alla våra ligg invited all the political parties to talk about sex. Inspired by all those factors, I wanted to sum up those interviews and put them in a context of sex life in Sweden.  

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labour day in sweden

Labour Day is celebrated on May 1st and is one of the most important holidays in Sweden. In a country, which welfare state was built by a Social Democratic Party that was in the government for more than 40 years, this day cannot pass without any marches or parades. And as Swedish PM, Stefan Löfven, came to Malmö, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Below you can find the photo relation and short history of Swedish Social Democracy.

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