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following the graves, part three

I’m pretty simple when it comes to planning my Swedish trips. If a place has something to do with Erik XIV, no matter how unappealing it seems, I’ll be there. I would probably skipped Västerås for now if it was just a church (cause c’mon, there are so many churches!). However, as it’s a church where Erik is burried, that changes everything. And it was a good decision – not only because I got to see Erik (in a way), but the cathedral is worth visiting by itself.

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following the graves, part two

Uppsala is identified as a political and religious centre during long periods in Swedish history. When the city is visited today, the cathedral is the crucial point of the sightseeing. In there, secular and ecclesiastical powers met. It's erection determined the erection of the city. It is a place of the final rest of Swedish kings, statesmen and saints.

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swedish il gesu

The church on Kvarholmen, that we can visit today, is called a cathedral, although since 1915 it is not a capital of diocese – now it’s Växjö. The church on Kvarholmen was built in three stages during the reign of three Charleses, so during the inauguration it was called the Church of Charles. The construction started in 1660. The consecration took place in 1682 and was conducted by the bishop Henning Schutte, although the church was not fully ready until 1703.

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