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swedish pagan christmas. swedish christmas #3

You see the title of this text and your eyes open wide or you frown your forehead? Before Christianity, German folks had their own traditions, performed around the third week of December, which simply underwent Christianised reformulation. Or... did they? Swedes still call their Christmas celebration without words "holiday", "birth" or "God". In that area they follow the traditions of their ancestors, which have something to do with Polish best export product, "The Witcher". How cool is that!

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saints export: Lucia. swedish christmas #1

As a person and as a historian I noticed close relations between Sweden and Italy. There are significantly more Italian students in Sweden that you would expect, many Swedish historians write about Italian history and vice versa. Lucia is an Italian patron of Syracuse, memory of whom is celebrated in Sweden until today. December 13th is a special day across the nation. Beside dresses, songs and processions Swedes would not be Swedes if they had a tradition without a traditional baking. All that because of saint depicted with her eyes on a tray.

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