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lefser - norwegian potato pancakes

Being a foodie and admiring Scandinavia necessarily don’t go well together. I have suffered gravely during my first months in Sweden - after years with accessible cuisine experiences in Warsaw I came to a country which is flooded with pizzerias and kebabs. When Swedes want to have Swedish dinner, they go to IKEA. Fine dining places exists here as well, obviously, but what is their benchmark is good quality of the products, while the menu stays basically the same everywhere. Therefore, if I want to discover Scandinavian cuisine, I need to do it in my own kitchen. This is how I ended up making lefser.

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aquavit – water of life

The name itself is fairly easy to decode – water of life, from latin Aqua vitae. It’s main ingredients are cumin and dill and contains 40% of alcohol on average. It’s a Scandinavian pride, but you can find it in other countries. Where exactly? What are the differences between Swedish and Norwegian aquavit? How many drinking songs do Swedes have? Or maybe a recipe for a drink with aquavit?

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