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vaksala - the other sacred ruler of uppsala

Uppsala cathedral can be seen from almost every spot in the city, including Gränbyparken. During one of our strolls there, looking in the opposite direction, I came to a point from which a new tower became visible. In the north-eastern part of Uppsala, behind and between Gränby and Ärsta, stands the other sacred ruler of the city - Vaksala church. Uppsala cathedral took the south-western part - and most of the touristic interest. On the other side we encounter a sacred building, belonging to a different league, not less worth visiting.

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scandinavian romanticism. art.

Gathering Scandinavian romantic artists turned out a harder task than I initially thought. For vast majority of European countries romanticism ruled over minds and souls in the first half of the 19th century - depending on a region it could be 1800s and 1810s (Germany, France) or 1820s and 1830s (Central Europe). In Scandinavian countries romantic art was created throughout this period, however it wasn’t the dominating style. Actually, the official dates for Swedish romanticism are 1840-1875, so when in most European artists have moved on to new forms. Therefore it was hard to cross a line and include or leave out specific artists. My text and galleries contain pieces created by people remembering Gustav III, as well as those who experiences the first world war.

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swedish il gesu

The church on Kvarholmen, that we can visit today, is called a cathedral, although since 1915 it is not a capital of diocese – now it’s Växjö. The church on Kvarholmen was built in three stages during the reign of three Charleses, so during the inauguration it was called the Church of Charles. The construction started in 1660. The consecration took place in 1682 and was conducted by the bishop Henning Schutte, although the church was not fully ready until 1703.

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