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fomo or jomo? review of mig äger ingen / nobody owns me

Title of this text is me, desperately wanting to be down with the kids... But feeling fomo or jomo has a grain of truth regarding books and movies. Should I catch up with something immediately or it's okay to slip it through my fingers? And we're not talking here about any classical positions. I picked Åsa Linderborg's book just because, it was either for the title, the cover, the description. I bet you get what I'm talking about. 

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following the graves, part three

I’m pretty simple when it comes to planning my Swedish trips. If a place has something to do with Erik XIV, no matter how unappealing it seems, I’ll be there. I would probably skipped Västerås for now if it was just a church (cause c’mon, there are so many churches!). However, as it’s a church where Erik is burried, that changes everything. And it was a good decision – not only because I got to see Erik (in a way), but the cathedral is worth visiting by itself.

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