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what happens in the north. scandinavian constitutions #1

Autumn 2018 is an election time in Sweden. Elections are crucial part of democratic system and Scandies are doing it well. Scandinavian countries for many years get to the podium of democracy world index. I thought of taking Swedish elections as an opportunity to research Scandinavian countries and their political systems. They rise from similar historical conditions and traditions, but still have some differences.

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sweden's last war and the norwegian constitution

Histories of all Scandinavian countries are connected with each other. For several centuries Denmark and Norway were under the same ruler, the same for Finland and Sweden. Let’s remind ourselves of the Kalmar Union or the fact that Vikings originated from the whole North. Scandinavia was self-sufficient. But sometimes tracks of the history combined the northern countries with continental Europe.

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swedish easter

What do Swedes eat during Easter? Are they having any traditions? They wouldn’t be themselves if they haven’t kept any pagan rituals and just pimp them up a bit to make them suit more Christian times. Although, which of the Scandinavian countries is the best in preserving some heathen customs if not Finland?

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